Mentors for New Users

New Principal Investigators from academia or industry who are considering using the CGM facilities for the first time may have a wide range of questions and concerns, depending on their familiarity with centrifuge modeling and the stage of their career. Potential new users can obtain guidance from both the CGM and the CGM Mentors for New Users.

The CGM provides confidential consultations regarding proposal ideas, with advice covering aspects of the scientific hypotheses, experimental designs, procedures, technologies, costs, schedule, and proposal writing. The CGM seeks to assist potential new users to the best of our abilities, while recognizing that new users or early career faculty can benefit from a broader support network.

The CGM Mentors for New Users (CGM Mentors) are a volunteer group of experienced current and former CGM users willing to provide potential new users with confidential consultations. The CGM Mentors seek to help broaden and diversify the user base for the NHERI geotechnical centrifuge facility and thereby help broaden and diversify the natural hazards research community. The CGM Mentors are prepared and willing to provide confidential consultation, guidance, and advice to early career or first time centrifuge users as they develop their proposal ideas, research plans, or collaboration teams. Potential new users can contact any of the CGM Mentors knowing that confidentiality of the conversation is the only commitment by both parties. The CGM Mentors augment the support provided by the NHERI facility personnel at the CGM by providing potential new users with access to mentors representing a broader range of disciplinary foci, experiences, and backgrounds.

The CGM Mentors for New Users are:

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