Information for Users

The CGM seeks to help users improve their science at the proposal, design, construction, testing, and interpretation stages through personalized guidance and technical support.  Individuals interested in using the facilities can get additional information and guidance about the facility capabilities by contacting the Associate Director Dan Wilson.

Our Equipment Site Utilization Form (ESUF – word document) contains valuable information for new users and proposers on (1) roles and responsibilities, and (2) training procedures and requirements.

The recharge rates for use of the CGM facilities are summarized separately for the large centrifuge and small centrifuge, with different rates being applicable for NSF and non-NSF users (both available here – PDF). The rates were last reviewed and approved in November 2015.

On-site mentorship is our recommended means for a new researcher to obtain training on a full spectrum of required research tasks. The new researcher arranges to spend from 4-6 weeks helping a more experienced researcher perform their test; most experiments require two active researchers, so the more experienced researcher gains valuable assistance while the new researcher gains hands-on training. In many cases, an agreement may be reached where the assistance is returned on the new researcher’s experiment. Mentorship-based training has been most successful in our experience.

roles-responsibilitiesPhotos: CGM staff train and assist researchers in complex tasks.

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