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In the News

The NEES at UC Davis facilities have been featured in newspaper articles and news broadcasts on several occasions, including the following video clips from ABC KGO-7 News, National Science Foundation, and CBS KOVR News.

UC Davis Quake Modeling Facility

Earthquake Could Pose Serious Threat to Delta Water Supply


   NSF video for NEES @ UC Davis    ABC KOVR 13 News 1997

UPN news at CGM UPN news at CGM local news at paper

History Channel

The program “Megaquake 10.0” on the History Channel featured a number of NEES sites, including the NEES at UC Davis site. Here is the History Channel interviewing the CGM director beside the large centrifuge. The Meqaquake 10 DVD can be purchased from:
History channel online store: http://shop.history.com/100-megaquake-dvd/detail.php?p=291395
You can also stream it online from Amazon instant video: http://www.amazon.com/10-0-Megaquake/dp/B004K4VLXC

EOT/discovery Channel filming NEES@UC Davis 1 EOT/discovery Channel filming NEES@UC Davis 2 EOT/discovery Channel filming NEES@UC Davis 3 EOT/discovery Channel animaiton clip

Timelapse Videos

This video shows a time-lapse sequence that spans several days in the life of a recent centrifuge model test. The camera is focused on a model that is placed on the end of the centrifuge arm. You’ll see the centrifuge spin up and spin down (stop) several times, researchers working on the model before and after each spin, and the passage of nights and days as the test progresses.

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