Idriss Symposium 2016

The contributions of I. M. (Ed) Idriss to geotechnical earthquake engineering were honored at this one-day symposium on the UC Davis campus. The program included lectures by nine of his life-long friends and colleagues: J. M. Duncan, J. K. Mitchell, T. D. O’Rourke, K. H. Stokoe, R. Dobry, J. D. Bray, L. H. Mejia, N. Abrahamson, and R. W. Boulanger.

Proceeds of the symposium went to the Mariam and Izzat M. Idriss Endowment Fund for Geotechnical Engineering Education. This endowment supports educational activities that enrich graduate school experiences in geotechnical engineering. The Geotechnical Group and Geotechnical Graduate Student Society are especially grateful for the generous support provided by the geotechnical engineering community through their sponsorships.

The Proceedings are comprised of the PowerPoint presentations by the speakers (PDF link). In addition, Professor J. D. Bray provided the following excel spreadsheet to accompany his talk (Zip of Excel file).


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