Equipment schedule and availability

Research tests often take 2 to 3 months to complete, starting from model construction in the lab, to testing on the centrifuge, to dissection in the lab. Researchers often spend additional time at our facility prior to testing (e.g., calibrating a new sensor type) and after completion of testing (e.g., archiving the experimental data). Consequently, there is usually more than one research team on site at all times.

We work with our users and NEEScomm to develop a testing schedule that best supports the users’ research goals, facilitates sharing of resources amongst the teams, and provides the flexibility the users need to respond to the inevitable challenges of large-scale experimental work. The sequence of steps for a user includes the following steps: (1) confirm availability of the equipment with the site or NEEScomm, and enter the long-term work plan for the site, (2) request to enter the short-term experimental queue 9 months before the target spin date, and submit a form that details the associated resource needs, (3) submit complete model plans with a sensory inventory 3 months prior to the target spin date, (4) have all structural models in-hand at least 1 month prior to the target spin date, and (5) present a detailed task schedule and description of the experimental procedures to our site staff at least 2 weeks prior to commencing work at the site. For NEES shared-use projects, details of the scheduling process are included on the Equipment Site Utilization Form (ESUF) available from NEEScomm. Once on site, we coordinate the allocation of site resources and adjust schedules with the users as the need arises.

The following calendar shows the short-term projected dates for when models are expected to be on the centrifuge arm; research teams will be working in the labs both before and after these dates. Please note that the calendar is for planning purposes only; it may not reflect short-term adjustments and may not include all testing commitments that are more than several months in the future.

Please feel free to contact us if you need detailed current activity information or wish to discuss equipment availability and testing schedules.

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