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Collaborative Research: Dynamic Behavior of Slickensided Surfaces

Project funded by:   Award #0324499 (2004)

PI: J. M. Duncan, Virginia Technical University
Co-PIs: C. L. Meehan, R. W. Boulanger(University of California Davis) , I Idriss
Description: Movement along pre-existing slickensided rupture surfaces in overconsolidated clay and clay shale slopes can represent a critical sliding mechanism during earthquakes. The seismic behavior of pre-existing slickensided surfaces in overconsolidated clay was examined by performing dynamic centrifuge model tests of two slickensided sliding block models. Dynamic shear displacements were concentrated along the pre-formed slickensided surfaces. The peak shear resistances mobilized along the slickensided surfaces during dynamic loading were 90- 120% higher than the drained residual strength measured prior to shaking.

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Experiments: CLM02